Vision Will Get You Through Anything

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Vision Will Get You Through Anything

In the interest of providing you with more guidance and support to build your business, last week Vivid Talk™ was all new. After hosting 36 episodes LIVE, I decided to start streaming pre-recorded shows going forward. 

There were a number of reasons: 1) I wanted to make each one shorter and easier to digest, 2) break the concepts that I have already shared down further so you can grasp them faster, 3) provide clearer action steps, and 4) include segments to keep it interesting. 

And to provide extra value, you will see relevant sponsor messages and get practical tools that you can request and download each week.

I kicked it off with the reVIEW Segment to take a look back at a previous episode. 

“Every time I ran into a roadblock in my business…and I thought I couldn’t move forward because this thing was in the way, every time a little time would pass and the next thing you know, all those obstacles would be removed by technology, by some new thing I learned, or by some new relationship. So, every time I…it felt like I was not getting anywhere, I was still moving towards it. I still had that vision in front of me. Even when I felt like I was insufficient, like I didn’t have enough, or that I wasn’t enough.” – Episode 1: Vision & Personal Branding

Identify Your Roadblocks

The first key to breaking through your roadblocks is to recognize that you have them and to identify them. I came up with five categories, and I believe that any obstacle you can name will fit into one of them: 1) Money, 2) Knowledge, 3) People, 4) Competition, and 5) Time.

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