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Something to Guide You

Any company you’ve ever worked for probably has a mission, vision and values. The idea is that they should be the basis for everything they do. Your life really is no different. What could be more important than your ultimate success and fulfillment? There’s no way to know exactly what steps to take as you pursue your dreams. However, your direction has to come from a clear understanding of what matters to you. You need your own personal mission, vision, [...]

Living a Life at Play

When I talk about “Play”, I’m not talking about having more time for leisure. Rather, it is spending more time becoming yourself, living life at your best. You could describe it as finding the problem that you were created to solve. Play is about living in the now, being accountable for who you are to create the future you dream of and make a difference in this world. When you are discovering and building on your strengths, everything changes – [...]

Personal Brand: 7 Signs You Need to Rebrand Yourself

7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Personal Brand

I am 52 years old, and I suppose like most of the AARP generation, I don’t feel any different than when I was 25. I am still that hopeful, joyous, inspired soul…who always wanted to be and live as an artist. You could say that I have been building my personal brand over a lifetime…one heartbreak, one triumph, and one hairstyle at a time. There have been turning points…moments, decisions that led to shifts in my perceptions of myself. Baudacity [...]