Isn’t it time to stop talking and start DOING?
I’m the one to call…if you’re ready to get it DONE!

Identity crisis? I was
  • born
  • trained
  • transformed
to solve the problem of identity.


Gwen Witherspoon, Better Life Coach


Gwen Witherspoon, Better Life Coach


Gwen Witherspoon, Better Life Coach

I blog about
  • identity
  • productivity
  • faith
for a better life! | Vivid Party

Connect. Learn. Grow. At the Vivid Party

When I read, “Write the vision, and make it plain...” in Habakkuk 2: 2, I see that your vision... read more

Gwen Witherspoon | Coach. Artist. Entrepreneur

Beyond the Vision Board: Make your dream V.I.V.I.D.™

I recently had my first Vision Board experience. Since I have been a dreamer my entire adult life, I... read more

Gwen Witherspoon

Joy Collector: Ode to Aging

Left to right: College 1985, single mom 1986 (28 lbs lighter), 2008, August 2015 I just saw this HuffPost Black... read more

Flip Productivity™ Flip Map

Something to Guide You

Any company you've ever worked for probably has a mission, vision and values. The idea is that they should be... read more

Gwen Witherspoon Blog: Dreaming is Hard Work

Dreaming is Hard Work

The word "dream" is so least it can be. But without dreams, life isn't fulfilling at all.... read more

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